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Rahul Gandhi posted a photo of Mother Sonia wearing an oxygen mask during an emergency landing under the caption, “‘Pressure in Emergency’

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, released a photo of his mother Sonia wearing an oxygen mask inside the plane a day after their flight made an emergency landing at the airport in Bhopal.

More About What Rahul Gandhi Wrote;

Mother, an embodiment of elegance under pressure, is what Rahul captioned the photo on the social media site Instagram.
When the cabin pressure on an airliner drops, an oxygen mask is a lifesaving item that is employed.
When their jet made an emergency landing in Bhopal, both Congress leaders were headed back to Delhi after attending an opposition gathering in Bangalore.
A congressman mentioned that there had been an unexpected landing because of technical difficulties during this time. The chartered plane carrying Sonia ji and Rahul ji had to make an emergency landing, according to Shobha Oza, a senior Congress official and former chairwoman of the Madhya Pradesh Women’s Commission.
At the airport, the Gandhi family was greeted by Oza, former Union Minister Suresh Pachauri, MLA PC Sharma, Arif Masood, and Kunal Chaudhary, among other Madhya Pradesh Congress stalwarts.
Both of them boarded an IndiGo flight for New Delhi at roughly 9:30 p.m., according to Oza.

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