How to Make Chrome Dark Mode Available on iPhone, Android, and PC?

Are you getting tired of your eyes after using Google Chrome in the dark? We’ll go over how to activate Chrome‘s dark mode on Windows, iOS, and Android in this article.

One of the most popular apps on Android, iOS, and Windows is Google Chrome. The bright white light can make your eyes tired and irritated if you’re one of those people who uses Chrome to explore the internet for hours at a time.

Some websites might not support dark mode, even if Chrome does on all platforms. The steps listed below can be used to activate dark mode on Windows, Android, and iPhone devices:

Activating Chrome’s Dark Mode on Windows

It’s simple to enable dark mode in Chrome on Windows. Websites that don’t support it can be seen on the desktop app with black backgrounds and reversed white text.

Open Windows settings, select Personalization, then click on “Colors” to activate dark mode. Select “Dark” under “Choose your color” and you’re done.

Activating Chrome’s Dark Mode on Android

On an Android device, using Chrome in dark mode is comparable to doing so on a Windows computer. On your phone, launch Chrome, and then put “chrome://flags” into the address bar.

You can find two options by typing “dark” into the search bar on the loading page: “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” and “Enable Darken Websites Checkbox in Theme Settings.”
Setting the first flag to “Enabled with simple cache” will work for the majority of people because it operates identically to the Windows version.

If the “Darken Websites Checkbox” in the theme options is set to “Enabled,” though, Chrome will use this flag to determine whether or not you have dark mode enabled.

Activating Chrome’s Dark Mode on iPhone

For the majority of apps, Apple offers a straightforward way to enable dark mode. On iOS, turning on Chrome’s system-wide dark mode will likewise turn it on for iOS. To change the appearance setting to “Dark,” go to “Settings,” then “Display.”

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